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Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vito Start Error – We Fix

Are you facing a non-start situation with your Mercedes Sprinter or Mercedes Vito?
GML AutoKeys have dealt with these issues on many Mercedes commercial vehicles.
The main cause of the START ERROR being displayed on the dash is due to corruption of data in 2 of the vehicles main units, one is the Temic immobiliser box also known as the WSP and the Main Engine control unit.

We recommend trying a few things prior to giving us a call.

Test vehicles battery to be in a good state

Try a different key

Try your original key on its own with no other keys surrounding the ignition

If you have done this and you still have the START ERROR message there could be a number of issues, we recommend having a diagnosis by our team to pinpoint where the fault lies.
We will get as much information over the phone to give you a rough diagnosis then move forward with fixing the fault.

Common Faults leading to START ERROR on a Mercedes Sprinter Or Mercedes Vito:

Jump starting

Battery power not sufficient

The transponder in your key is faulty or missing

Antena coil on ignition faulty

ECU fault

Fuel pump fault

We also recommend testing for power on your WSP plug.

Pin 3 is continuous +12V direct from the battery, Red/Yellow Wire

Pin 7 is ignition +12V when your key is in position 1 and 2, Black /Yellow Wire

If there is no power on either you will get START ERROR on the dash.

Give GML AutoKeys a call today to discuss what we can do for you and get you back on the road!